Online Classes

Levels: basic – intermediate – advanced

We have several packages for all levels (basic – intermediate – advanced) You can choose the package that suits you best and you can schedule with the teacher you want


Our Online Courses

Spanish Private Lessons

Includes: 60 minutes of effective tutoring for one person with a native Spanish teacher.

Learn or improve your Spanish in a relaxed, easy way. with methods, covering topics such as grammar, reading comprehension and conversational skills, among others.


Survival Spanish Courses

Includes: 25 Intensive hours per week

The Survival Spanish Course is a quick introduction to the most basic Spanish expressions that will help students to travel and move around in a Spanish-speaking environment. Conversation, vocabulary development is seen in this course.


Spanish For  Retired People

Includes: 20 Hours per month.

To learn there is no age, so the best age to learn Spanish is undoubtedly the one you have now. Our program is focused so that you can get to know the fantastic Spanish – speaking world, through the language and its culture.



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Course Objectives & Outcomes



Have more knowledge about the Spanish language


Fluency in speaking

Be able to hold a basic conversation in Spanish


Level intermediate

Reach an intermediate level to speak Spanish



Our students have knowledge in grammar and other



All our students can hold a fluent conversation


Levels intermediate - advanced

All our students leave with an intermediate or advanced level


What Our Students Say

10/10 Hands down one of the best experiences in a language school in my life (and since I speak about six different languages I’ve been to my fair share of schools).

Bryan Lynch

A great experience and learning for me, a comfortable school, patient teachers, especially my teacher Francis, thanks to her I was able to learn a Spanish language properly, grammar is a bit difficult but not impossible to learn, I recommend the school 100%, the prices they are very accessible

Rita Lai